Tessilfibre s.p.a. 1957



Tessilfibre s.p.a, is nowadays the most important company

in the production of acrylic fibers in Europe.


Tessilfibre uses a Sydel Acrylic tow to top making plant up to 12 ends and a 12 RSN Rebreaker.


Located in Prato area, Tessilfibre thanks to its 35.000sq.m. storage, is able to stock and work big quantities of products in a short time.


Our aim is to create a strong and synergistic relationship with our customers looking for the best raw material and a broad range of continuous and discontinuous yarns.





The company has always been involved in the protection and preservation of the environment.


In 2011 we realized a photovoltaic system

with total capacity of about 1.8 MW of power.


Part of this "clean" energy is now used in the production process,

reducing air pollution and waste of resources.

Tessilfibre S.P.A. - Via XXV Aprile, 33 - 59016 - Poggio a Caiano [Prato] Italia - Coockie Policy